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Bandpass Filter

The products listed below are just examples of components that have been already designed and manufactured, but Neotech capabilities go beyond, and “building to customers specs” is Neotech preferred activity, so please request your customized parts.

Products Type Passband Freq, MHz (min) Passband Freq, MHz (max) Cutoff frequency, MHz IL at passband, dB (max) Minimum Rejection, dB Average Power, W (max) Interface Type
NBPF2750.2760WR28 Bandpass Filter 2750 2760 N/A 1.5 50 at 28.5-38GHz - WR28
GBPF0120.0140NF400 Bandpass Filter 1200 1400 N/A 0.2 60 at 2400MHz 400 N
GBPF2025.2120SMD Bandpass Filter 2025 2120 N/A 2.2 40 at 2.2-2.3GHz 5 SMD